District motor vehicle inspection station

Also for cars above 3.5 t.


Easy access

Our premises are located 7 km from Radom in Skaryszew, in the direction of Rzeszów. The station is equipped with a big vehicle manoeuvre area and a truck park.

Full scope of technical inspections

As a District Motor Vehicle Inspection Station we are able to conduct inspections of vehicles above 3.5 t.

Convenient dates

To make an appointment on the convenient date please contact us via phone on the number
+48 48 363 88 20

In February 2014 the District Motor Vehicle Inspection Station, a modern place fulfilling all European Union criteria, commenced its business activity.

It was designed and built to offer comfort and satisfaction to our customers. We have all indispensable authorizations, certificates, as well as a qualified team of vehicle diagnostics professionals.

We inspect all cars, ranging from periodical technical inspections of passenger vehicles, agricultural tractors, trucks and semitrailers, to any additional technical inspections of every type of vehicles.

In order to conduct diagnosis and inspections we use modern and new equipment from a Polish producer: UNIMETAL. We also have all authorizations indispensable for servicing maintenance, pick-up truck lifts certificates issued by Bureau of Technical Inspection.

Considering the needs of our customers we systematically send reminders concerning the approaching date of the obligatory technical inspection via post, text messages, or email, at the customer’s discretion.


Price list of some of the technical inspections Cena:
Motorcycle, agricultural tractor PLN 62
Passenger car up to 3.5 t PLN 98
Truck, tractor unit up to 16 t PLN 153
Truck above 16 t PLN 176
Bus designed for more than 15 persons PLN 199
Truck and special trailer/semitrailer up to 3.5 t PLN 78
Truck and special trailer/semitrailer above 3.5 t to 16 t PLN 163
Truck and special trailer/semitrailer above 16 t PLN 177

The station offers full scope of technical inspections:

1. Periodical technical inspections:

of motorcycles and mopeds; passenger vehicles; trucks and special vehicles; tractor units; trailers, truck and special semitrailers; buses; agricultural tractors and trailers;

2. First technical inspections:

of vehicles imported from abroad; vehicles withdrawn from service and repeatedly proposed to registration; antique cars; build-it-yourself vehicles;

3. Supplemental technical inspections:

of the vehicles with autogas system; cabs; emergency vehicles; vehicles for transportation of dangerous goods; vehicles adjusted for semitrailers; driving instruction vehicles; checking of mechanisms and subassemblies in vehicles; tracking, shock absorbers, margins in suspension, exhaust fumes toxicity, dipped headlights and running lights, etc.

In our premises there is a comfortable waiting place for customers.

Each customer receives a nice gift after the inspection.

To fulfill the expectations of customers with different working hours the station opening hours are the following:

Monday to Friday 7 – 19, and Saturday 8 – 15.